DeepCover Secure Authenticators
Security Demos
ECDSA with ChipDNA Authenticated Shock Sensor
Requires MAXAUTHDEMO2 with DS28E38
DS28C36 Secure Download Demo
Requires MAXAUTHDEMO1 with DS28C36
DeepCover Security Demos

Running the Demos

    1. Order the MAXAUTHDEMO1# and MAXAUTHDEMO2#
    2. Download and run the Security Lab application
    3. Type the connection code on the Security Lab application on the computer to connect to web server

    4. Connect the desired hardware

    5. Select the desired demo from the left

ECDSA with ChipDNA Authenticated Shock Sensor

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Sensor Authenticated

Game Ready

Shock Detected

Auth Sensor Data

Decrement Counter

Remaining Shocks :


  • Instructions
  • Documentation
  • Sensor Authentication
  • Data Authentication

Communication Log

DS28C36 Secure Download Demo

Host (PC) Signing Process
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File Contents

Authenticator (DS28C36) Verification Process

Communication Log